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CBD Joints

CBD Joints Capsules, includes 30 capsules each containing 10 mg of CBD (CBD) combined with accurate
doses of complementary components (including glucosamine extracts, ginger root and MSM).
Each and every component of the the capsule itself has been declared efficient and effective in dealing with joint pain.
The combination of all of these components comes to create a pill that is greater than the sum of its parts; such that together,
these components work best.
The daily use of CBD capsules for joints provides many immediate benefits such as pain relief, alleviating symptoms associated with arthritis, cartilage treatment and more.
The use of these products has no side effects, as the products do not contain any hint of THC. Therefore, the oil is not accompanied by psychoactive feelings (aka “feeling high”).

One capsule every 5 hours. The recommended daily dose is up
to 50 mg CBD per day.

CBD, glucosamine, ginger root, MSM

Allergy Warnings:
Please read the leaflet before use and take all ingredients into consideration.
*The effectiveness of the product varies from one consumer to another.